Who supports TUSC?

Below you can read some of the quotes from our prospective candidates and TUSC Against Cuts supporters. 

Hugo Pierre – Prospective candidate for TUSC

“Our Council services have been hit with £123 million cuts: now they want the same amount cut over the next three years. We need councillors to stand up to whoever forms the next government to make no cuts as all the establishment parties say that will continue with austerity and cuts.”

Ellen Kenyon Peers – TUSC candidate for Mile End and Globe Town in 2014 council elections

“I am standing for TUSC because I want my local community to know that they do have the option to vote against cuts. I am a student at Queen Mary, UoL and I have seen the damage that the cuts have made already; many lecturers have been forced onto zero-hours contracts, meanwhile fees have tripled and contact hours have been reduced. I want to be a voice for the people – the ‘99%’ – that work hard and face even more vicious cuts. We need to turn our backs on the three main parties, stand up and say NO to any more.”

John Peers – Unite rep at Mile End Hospital

“I have resigned my membership of the Labour Party as I have no confidence that the party will address the issues facing ordinary working people in this country. The economic strategy outlined by the Party has no substantive difference to that of the Conservatives. It is time for a radical change in direction to meet the needs of the majority not the few.”

Danny McGowan – PCS rep

“I support TUSC because it’s time that our main parties had a wake-up call – cuts aren’t necessary! Tower Hamlets is host to one of Europe’s largest financial centres, but why should ordinary residents of Tower Hamlets pay for the costly mistakes made by the bankers that work here?”

Naomi Byron – TUSC candidate for Spitalfields and Banglatown

“I support TUSC because I’m sick of politicians and the media telling us we have to accept cuts, while the private companies make billions out of privatisation. It’s a disgrace that not a single councillor in Tower Hamlets has opposed all cuts. We need people on the council who will stand up to the government, not do their dirty work.”


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