Our Manifesto

Tower Hamlets: It Doesn’t Add Up – Vote For A Socialist Change

For £10 an Hour Minimum Wage
• We want a minimum wage of £10 per hour across the borough.

Rising prices for food, heating, lighting and travel have hit us hardest. The basics have got dearer and we can’t afford them! This borough is always in the top 10 most deprived areas in the country – half our homes exist on less than £30,000 a year. But bankers pay mean the average pay for someone working in the borough is £58,000 a year.

A Job for All: A Future for Our Young People
• End Zero-Hours Contracts
• Apprenticeships for Young People on £10 an hour with real training and a permanent job at the end. 

Tower Hamlets has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the country. Amongst young workers it is a chronic problem. Often zero hours contracts or poorly paid apprenticeships is the only work available.

Rent Controls for Affordable Homes
• Cap Rents not Benefits
• A Tenants Charter
• End Waiting list Misery: Build Council Homes

Private landlords are ripping-off anyone who wants to live in Tower Hamlets. Affordable Social Housing rents are not affordable at all! No wonder young people can’t afford to live in the borough! The average price of a house is £380,000. The Council plans to license landlords but we would use those licences to cap rents and ensure landlords look after their properties. We would introduce a not-for-profit letting agency to cut-out the sharks. We would compensate small landlords on the basis of proven need.We would work with Housing workers, tenants and the local trade unions to develop a Tenant’s Charter for Fair Rents & Fair Tenancy terms and conditions. There are 20,000 residents on the council’s housing waiting list and there is still large scale chronic overcrowding despite all the new homes in the borough. Our council should democratically control all the social housing in the borough and embark on a large-scale programme of social housing building and renovation, including taking over empty private housing. TUSC will defend Estate based services for tenants and residents and campaign for more resources.

A Borough for the Young
• Defend state education against privatisation
• A free education for all: extend the Mayors EMA and fight to end university tuition fees
• Good local facilities for young people.
• End the shortage of school places

Tower Hamlets has one of the highest populations of young people in the country. But they are hit with insufficient local facilities, overcrowded homes, no job prospects or the prospects of huge debts if they finish a university degree. We will champion young people and fight with them for a future.

A Workers MP on a Workers Wage
Who is an MP earning £67,000 a year representing when half the households in this borough live on less than £30,000 a year? TUSC pledges to represent working people and the poor! TUSC candidates will only take half this salary and donate the rest to Trade Union and other campaigns organised by working people and their families. TUSC candidates will not take any expenses that cannot rightfully be justified for genuine purposes.

Defend our NHS
• No NHS cuts: No privatisation: Defend all NHS Jobs

There is massive health inequality between those in poor areas of the borough and the rich. Our local health services face privatisation, debt and cuts. We will make sure the Council is fully involved in scrutinising local health service decisions and will oppose any cuts to our local services.

£123 million stolen from our Council services – Fight the cuts!
All the Mayor’s reforms are under attack: Further Education Students Maintenance Allowance, University Students Bursaries, Free School meals for Infants and the house building programme. The Tory/ Lib Dem Coalition government has told Tower Hamlets Council to cut £123 million from its annual budget since 2010. By 2017 they want another £85 million off the Council!
Tory, Lib Dem, Labour and the Independent Mayor have refused to fight the budget cuts jeopardising these reforms and our services. Tower Hamlets should have a budget that meets the needs of our residents not the stranglehold central government wants to put on spending.
The establishment parties want Austerity – Cuts to your jobs, your pay and the services we rely on. The rich and powerful meanwhile are hoarding their wealth. The richest 1,000 people have increased their wealth by £140 billion in the last year – enough to wipe-out the deficit. UK Big business has £800 billion it refuses to invest in jobs or new industries. The Tower Hamlets economy is worth £6 billion a year – we say the money’s there for our services!
Together we can organise a mass campaign to oppose all cuts. If Poplar Council in the 1920s could do, it so can we!


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